Integrating brand into your business


Qualitative and quantitative research and fact-building to: 

  • frame the opportunity
  • identify the human truths
  • define engagement drivers

Immersive Engagement Activities


Leadership, management and employee alignment around:

  • brand and value props
  • experience principles
  • messaging and content


Building on the strategy and bring brands to life through:

  • roadmaps and launches
  • briefs and playbooks
  • employee engagement


Designing dashboards for a broad range of data inputs to:

  • set brand priorities
  • identify activities
  • establish accountability

Partner with brands and agencies to crystalize the opportunity, focus on audiences and competitive advantages, build brands and experiences, and engage customers and employees

Strategic and Creative Solutions


  • 1. We use so many metrics/KPIs, what activities will improve brand performance?
  • 2. We’ve acquired so many brands, what is the right brand architecture? The right migration strategy? How can I tell a story with the brand portfolio?
  • 3. There is an emerging, second-tier customer that we have little information on. Who are they and what are the touchpoints that matter?
  • 4. Can you help us sell-in brand and marketing to leadership? Engineers? 
  • 5. We’re spinning and need a strategy, name and tagline, a logo and visual system, message strategy and global launch plan. Have you done this before?
  • 6. Can you design us a brand curriculum and internal engagement program?

 Professional Toolbox

  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Audience segmentation and prioritization
  • Measurement and business intelligence
  • Brand architecture and portfolio management 
  • Brand positioning, purpose, experience principles and value propositions
  • Name development and nomenclature systems 
  • Brand voice, storytelling, messaging and content
  • Brand education and internal engagement
  • Employer value proposition and culture
  • Implementation, playbooks and governance
  • Workshop design and senior leadership moderation

No two client assignments are ever the same but experience 

in understanding individual and group dynamics as well as what has worked, failed, or could be done better is invaluable.

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