Integrating brand into your business


Telling the story through the brand portfolio

Taking on a new, formidable competitor… Intel


Faced with a history of anti-trust litigation and distaste for licensing fees, the CEO had to authentically shift the Qualcomm story from speeds and feeds to breakthroughs that change the way people live. 

  • From 20+ brands to a brand portfolio led by Qualcomm and Snapdragon. 
  • A redefined brand purpose and visual system tied to humanity
  • Refocused brand architecture and nomenclature: smart device connectivity and processing, innovation, and M2M products 
  • An innovation story pivoting the conversation from licensing fees to investments in future bleeding-edge technologies. 

Ryder Cup Case ▶️

Client challenge

From a product mindset to brand with a relevant, mobile-first ecosystem and benefit-driven innovation story.

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