Solving client challenges with strategic and creative solutions

  • 1. We use so many metrics/KPIs, what activities will improve brand performance?
  • 2. We’ve acquired so many brands, what is the right brand architecture? The right migration strategy? How can I tell a story with the brand portfolio?
  • 3. There is an emerging, second-tier customer that we have little information on. Who are they and what are the touchpoints that matter?
  • 4. Can you help us sell-in brand and marketing to leadership? Engineers? 
  • 5. We’re spinning and need a strategy, name and tagline, a logo and visual system, message strategy and global launch plan?
  • 6. We need a brand curriculum and internal engagement program?

 Professional Toolbox

  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Audience segmentation and prioritization
  • Measurement and business intelligence
  • Brand architecture and portfolio management 
  • Brand positioning, purpose, experience principles and value propositions
  • Name development and nomenclature systems 
  • Brand voice, messaging and content
  • Brand education and internal engagement
  • Employer value proposition
  • Implementation, playbooks and governance
  • Workshop and senior leadership moderation

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Vertical Experience







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