Unifying an organization and clearly articulating the USGA’s role in golf

Creating an actionable playbook

The USGA had an awareness problem amongst active golfers and was not getting recognition for its work in advancing the game.

  • Established the brand purpose and experience principals
  • Defined the brand architecture to align with the organizational strategic plan and USGA’s role in advancing the game of golf
  • Conducted a global study to determine what elements the USGA brand owned and areas where the USGA had permission to claim and expand
  • Developed new visual systems for the USGA and Open Championships (including partner host sites)
  • Elevated the USGA brand and designed a playbook to help the organization tell a consistent and compelling USGA story

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Client challenge

To articulate a brand vision, purpose and story that captures the USGA as an organization and the role it plays in sustaining the game of golf.

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